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Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney,  EL Cajon, California

Bankruptcy Attorney  

David A. Casey- Attorney

The Law Office of David A. Casey provides personal service to clients who need debt relief with professional legal representation for bankruptcy at reasonable rates.  Filing for Bankruptcy is a major and important decision that will affect you financially.  Attorney Casey provides you with the time necessary to ensure that the bankruptcy process is done properly.  You will be advised and provided guidance at every step in the bankruptcy process.  Attorney Casey's philosophy is to treat every client with respect as we would expect to be treated if there was a change of events that affected our lives.  The purpose of bankruptcy is to seek relief from your financial hardship, stop foreclosures,  and put a stop to unreasonable creditors pursuant to the bankruptcy laws.

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(Note: This web site is for general information on bankruptcy - there is no inference that the Law Office of David Casey represents you in any way until a retainer and fee agreement is signed by you and attorney).  Any documents drafted without  coming into the law office or via the internet is considered in "Pro Per" and is solely based on your representation of of the information you provide.  Attorney Casey has been practicing Family Law since 1989 and has assisted individuals, couples and businesses with their bankruptcy needs.

 What Is A Reaffirmation Agreement?

Until someone files a Chapter 7 bankruptcy most people have no idea what a reaffirmation agreement is.  I will do my best to make it as easy as it can be.  However,  at times reaffirmation agreements can have  problems under the new bankruptcy act of October 2005.    A reaffirmation agreement is an agreement between the debtor and the creditor.  The debtor chooses to become legally responsible or in another word obligated again to pay all or portion of a debt which was or would have been discharged in the bankruptcy case.

A reaffirmation agreement must be filed within 60 days after the meeting of creditors date. Reaffirmation agreements are voluntary. Reaffirmation agreement is a completely voluntary agreement of the debtor that is  not required by the Bankruptcy Code, the state or federal law. Prior to the changes in the bankruptcy laws in October 2005, a debtor can voluntarily repay any debt normally without any problems, rather than sign a reaffirmation agreement. However, since October 2005, there is now a valid reason for signing a reaffirmation agreement (at least in regard to motor vehicles).  If you want to make sure you can probably keep your vehicle then an reaffirmations agreement is necessary and the approval of the court is needed.

Also your attorney can certify for their clients that signing a reaffirmation is not a hardship for their client. Depending on your income and your ability to pay the debt the attorney might want to seek the court's approval.  When there is  no attorney acting  on your behalf, the Court usually wants to meet with the debtor to make sure the debtor knows that the reaffirmation is completely voluntary. Also if the judge does not believe that a reaffirmation agreement is in a debtor’s best interest and may not have the ability to pay, the judge may refuse to allow the reaffirmation agreement to be entered as a binding agreement.

Remember under a chapter 7 you got a fresh start but you are now asking to take some of that away.  An reaffirmation agreement takes away the “fresh start” over the item you are reaffirming the debt to.  Because of the changes in the bankruptcy laws attorneys will advise strongly against signing one.   This is probably since the attorney is concerned about your continuing making the payment, due to loss of employment, health condition or other valid reasons.  Even if the debtor signs an agreement, the debtor still has 60 days after the agreement is filed with the court or from the discharge date to change his or her mind. All that is needed needed from the debtor is a letter saying “I don’t want this agreement”. The letter is sent to the court and the creditor.

The changes in the bankruptcy laws of October 2005 have had some effect on how  bankruptcy attorneys look at reaffirmation agreements.  Before the bankruptcy laws were changed, the debtor had  four choices in Chapter 7 when it came to secured debts.  

1.  Redemption (buying the value of the car from the creditor) —  The problem here  requires an actual source of funds and most people are in bankruptcy because they don't have funds. 

2.  Surrender the secured property. (this is giving the secured item back to the creditor). This is a very common way of dealing with many of the chapter 7 secured debts.

3.  Reaffirmation (as discussed above); and

4. “Keep and Pay” - (In the past, as long as the debtor continued  paying for the secured item, the debtor could  keep the secured item).   Since 2005, the status of “keep and pay” is uncertain as that option is NOT  mentioned in the new bankruptcy act (while the other three are specifically stated.   In some states, the debtors have the ability to “keep and pay” rights under state law, but that right is not stated under the bankruptcy law, so each state will determine whether their state still provides for “keep and pay”.

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Over the past few years, bankruptcy filings in the United States have increased nearly thirty percent.  Unfortunately, with the events of the down turn in the economy, there are more filings for relief every day.  Despite changes to bankruptcy laws, bankruptcy still remains a useful  tool for preserving assets while eliminating bad debts. Our Bankruptcy clients understand that just like trusts or other estate planning tools, bankruptcy is a legal right that is available to help you you.  Bankruptcy may be the most powerful way to protect your family’s financial health and to STOP CREDITORS harassing you and your family.  Too many lives and especially marriages are hurt due to unresolved financial matters.   The Law Office of David A. Casey wants to help you and your family eliminate overwhelming financial stress and enable you to get the fresh start you need in order to flourish and to enjoy life again. Depending on your situation, a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing may bring the relief you have been seeking.

Let the Bankruptcy laws work for you!

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More debtors had to file bankruptcy in the wake of unemployment, large medical bills and the overall problems with the economy.   

  • Consumer bankruptcy filings are on the rise. There were 266,767 bankruptcy filings in the second quarter of 2008 as compared to 236,891 filings in the first quarter of 2008.  The 2009 the Bankruptcy rate will be much higher.
  • It was estimated that in 2008 there were more than 1.1 million consumers who sought the protection of the Bankruptcy courts. Chapter 7 accounted for 64.37% percent.  Chapter 7 and 13 will be even higher this year.

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No matter if your Bankruptcy needs are simple or very complex,  my office is here to assist you.  The positive benefits of bankruptcy law can help.  Bankruptcy is like taking some medication for an infection. If you don't take it things will get worse. If you are already using all of your life support you need more help and Chapter is that extra help to bring life back into your dire financial needs.  If you are reading this we site you probably know that you need and it it is time to action before your creditor does.  Your welcome to contact other attorneys and to find one that you are comfortable with.   Don't just retain an attorney on fees.  Check what you are getting.  Don't be another number.    

This web site is intended for general information only and does make any inference that this constitutes a retainer for my services or that I  represent you. Any documents via the internet is considered in Pro Per.  However, due to the complexity of Bankruptcy, it is highly recommended that you retain an attorney so you can get the full protection under the Bankruptcy law.


Looking for a Bankruptcy Lawyer to file your chapter 7 and chapter 13 without having to go downtown San Diego.  My office is located next to two major freeways in El Cajon. I'm only minutes away from:   La Mesa, Lemon Grove, Lakeside, Alpine, Rancho San Diego, Santee, Spring Valley, Chula Vista and San Diego and it has FREE parking. My office also has an on-site pubic notary when needed.   (notary fees are paid to the notary)
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